I take a lot of pinhole images with old & expired Fuji film, like NPH400, NPS160 and NPC160. Sometimes it gives me a beautiful color shift. Not way off like cross processing but more like a little shift. Like a blue sky but then in some kind of pastel blue.
gevabox_boom_fuji_superia_30sec.jpg gevabox_kerk_en_boom_fuji_superia_30sec.jpg gevabox_kloostergang_fuji_superia_60sec.jpg molen_Wenum-Wiessel_zomer2012_Clack.jpg pinhole-koe-click1-002.jpg

It may not be suitable visible on screen due to scanner & screen calibration, but when looking at the prints it's much nicer and visible.
I tried expired Kodak Gold also, but these films mostly turn into a muddy brown.

See also some examples I made for Worldwide Pinhole Day 2013.