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This was my backup/parts machine before I sold my primary unit. I don't know what it's worth to me to fix it yet, but thought I'd see what's out there that people will part with. I know that CatLabs will probably tell me to just buy an upgraded model.

So if you or anyone that you know has the top or both boards, or is willing to sell the whole control/motor/pump/heater unit, let me know.
You might just be able to find a donor machine to get your going again, not sure what the total over all cost would be, you could get lucky.

While we have piles of upper and lower boards for CPP2's, but chances are you have a bad IC on more then one board causing your issues (i am not even sure what issues you are having), and by the time you have found it, you will have replaced all the electronics on your machine, save the actual motor and heating element.

Getting an upgraded control unit is the easy way out :P (you knew i would say that!), but there are also other options, if you do not resolve your problem, let us know.