I dont know if there is color movies at Eisenstein era. He was searching new ways , making science of cinematography and investing time on thinking on new technologies , reverse of what we dont do here on APUG. Everyone wants to me a painter from 1800s Paris , want to use old cameras especially wooden or brass and invest on more poison fume technology from 150 years ago.

Electronics , post processing , 3D is out of our sight. Here turned in to Antique Roadshow program , everyone is talking about 50000 pounds worth of antiques but in other way , all the antiques owners were the poorest class .

Intellect is not here , I did not read anything on philosophy, art analysis, literature analysis which we could use it for our art , most basic frequency analysis of geometric lines which helped to make the composition never discussed. Its a photography forum , nobody knows about optics design , one or two posts per year.

I started to look for new forums to continue . This winter must be rewarding.