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The consumer electronics industry is totally dependent upon the constant sugar high of people constantly needing the latest and greatest silly
techie toy. They understand their own dilemma, and that's why they cultivate steamroller marketing campaigns. DLSR's yesterday, cell phones today, cell watch/phones before tomorrow, then camera-rings after that... no end in sight. It the life of Sisyphus. The next generation of kids will once again rebel, and turn against the geek culture of their couch-potato parents. I've already had plenty of kids ask to look behind the darkcloth of my 8x10, and almost everyone of them responds with, "cooool". The real need is for more darkrooms where people can learn how
fun it all is.
Would you prefer 110 8x10's lined up at vista point? LOL ... let the kids go ADD ... the rest of us can take our sweet time!