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I had EE.E showing on my display. You showed me the diagnostic page that pointed to the temp sensor unit, or one of two ICs. I replaced IC48, then saw flickering 88.8. At that point, I was getting heat from the coil. That symptom pointed to IC47. But shortly thereafter the displays went dark and I lost heat.
If you bring your piles of boards to Chicago, there is a chance I could find one or a pair that work. Maybe I could help you unpack.

I'm buying an ATL2+ just as soon as I have all the cash assembled so this really isn't all that critical as you're not shipping your new E6 kit yet either.

I would like to get it going though...
You were on the right track. EE.E usually means bad sensor (located inside the impeller shaft housing), or bad contact on the lead wires to the sensor.
It might be that OC's were ok to start with. Then when you got 88.8 you walked into another issue, but most likely the display and heater are not working because of the thermal overload protection fuse - did you reset it and try again?

I have never yet seen a failed heating element on a Jobo machine (other then ones that were corroded to the point they broke in half).

It is common for more then one IC to fail at the same time, and often time, the problem is one of the IC partially failed on one of the upper boards and another failed one on the DC board. any other failed small element on any of the boards, or corrosion can cause issues with the thermostat control and display on the CPP2, though it does not sound like this is your problem.

Where are you getting your ATL+ from? we just finished refurbishing one, and will put it on the market as soon as we are set up in our new place...