There are many labs around my home and they say its very hard to find kodak film for sale. One of them was kodak express lab and lab owner told me that kodak is no longer manufacturing film , other guy have many boxes of kodak film at his display , all empty. I waited 2 weeks , and before 3 weeks to buy fuji film. When photographing children , one extra fatman stopped me by his car and asked my id and why I am claiming I am a photographer and using a cheap camera , it was a Leica , he wanted to see the camera , I gave it , he rounded it rounded it and gave back to me and went hell Processing is terrible , all results are not sharp and very low contrast , scanner scans half from the first , half from the second. I can say color film photography and kodak completely dead here.
I have to buy a 40 dollar scanner , developer , fixer and big can of bw film and shipping is extremelly expensive. There is one shop at the city and have all but I did not like the guy , he is like a pirate movie star, I dont want to see his face and face with his anger.