Nothing bad to say about D76 here. I've used it for almost two decades. I like it at 1:1 dilution as it is convenient to get it to temperature by adding in a hotter/colder and the two temps average to the final mix temp.

I played around with Xtol and it was also good. I got away from both because I wanted to not deal with chemical dust in the darkroom or the whole mixing process of hot water, slow dissolving, letting it cool when I wanted to simply process some film, but needed a batch of developer.

I mostly use Pyrocat HD in glycol from formulary. It's simple to use; 10ml of A, 10ml of B, 1L of water, a quick stir and it's ready to go. It's quite affordable (less $ than d76) and could be more so if I mixed it myself. I sometimes make alt-process prints, so the staining is useful for that and otherwise harmless. It lasts forever, both in terms of concentrate shelf life and rate of consumption. It retains the box film speed where some develops you take a film speed hit.