Certainly good news, they provide some feedback by saying they have a good demand for their film portfolio and will continue with it.
Yes; No debt, clean start. But will do what we've always done. However, it might be still early to see their potential.

Given that the people at PI on Kodak Alaris might not see our forum, we could write them in behalf of the film community. Sending our letter directly to Mr Dennis Olbrich (IIRC he is the head of PI) In the lines of:

"APUG, in behalf of the film photography community are happy that the film capture division of Kodak Alaris continues to offer a good portfolio of excellent products. We would appreciate that Kodak Alaris further promoted the use of their film products. Some competitors (think Ilford) and endeavours (IP) in the same industry are currently advertising, promoting and following closely our community. In this era of Digital Imaging, Kodak's film is not as known as it was in the past; despite its superb quality. Many potential users don't know Kodak.
Because it is not only about making and distributing film; Kodak film needs passion."

Don't you think it would be a nice way to say hello to this new company?