hi matt

i haver never used id11 or d76 but i was weened on sprint film developer
which is similar bit a tiny bit different. you can over develop a lot in sprint and not
blow out your highlights .. that said, i moved on when i ran out of $$ in about 1993
and i ended up using a 20 year old 10 gallon can of gaf universal developer that was holding a window open where i was living.
after i used it up, i searched for the recipe and was told it was ansco 130, which i used religiously for years ...
i was set a mysterious email from whiteymorange with the recipe for caffenol c about 7 years ago, and have been using that
with a smidgen of ansco130 in it ever since ... i used other stuff between 1988 and 95 ... xtol, and tmax developer
but didn't like'em ... i don't really think i am going to switch to anything else for a while .. if i get sick of roasting and brewing
the coffee ( for sumatranol 130 ) i'll just use the ansco 130 instead ... it works better than any other developer i've used
and doesn't small as bad as 2month old caffenol ...