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I scatter inkjet prints and true photographs in all my photo albums. It will be really interesting in my afterlife, as a ghost, poltergeist, or other spirit entity, to watch over the children as they turn the pages of those musty volumes...

"Good god, look how badly THIS one faded."

"Yeah, gramps probably used bad ink on some of them. Maybe it's the paper."

"This one looks great!" Flipping a couple prints over. "Who is this Kodak company? And this one, 'Fuji Crystal Archive' eh? That one REALLY holds its inks!"

The *might* figure out that some are photos and some are inkjets. Who knows? The inkjets may be the ones that last! I do wonder if they'll keep or even want the negatives I have stored all the years. Probably headed for the dustbin.
Who knows, you might have a descendent relative who is interested in the collection. I have a small family collection ald like to see how each paper has held up.
I think pigment inkjet printing seems promising. But, recalling PE. There are very fade resistant dyes and not very lasting pigments...

Meanwhile, in the audio recording industry:
Magnetic tape as a futureproof medium.