OK, now I'm gonna shake up this forum, what I'm about to present is either a massive conspiracy theory exposed by some weekend-hobby-photo-dad-in-Chicago (err me)....or a mere mistake by Macodirect.de:

1) Macodirect.de published times for the New APX 400:
2) Massive Dev published times for Kentmere 400 at 400ASA:

When comparing the two above datasets and cross-walking what is in common (i.e. the Macodirect.de table) vs the Massive Dev table, I find that all the times match, except for Rodinal, which matches what Mirko said was the new time for the New APX 400.....

My head spins soooooo hard....I just want to dev my new film and not blow the highlights.....or under dev....

Below is my 'analysis':

What on earth is going on here....

Not to mention that none of the APX 400 times on Massive Dev match the New APX 400.

It like this to me, just using the data I have, it is either:

Kentmere = New APX 400 except for Rodinal
Kentmere <> New APX 400 because Macodirect.de was wrong saying to the world that the New APX 400 is almost exactly the same as Kentmere

Anyone following this?

Lupus Imaging, Simon, Mirko, Macodirect.de????