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Well, my excitement and hopes for Kodak Alaris' commitment to analog photography has gone down a few notches after reading that post. The "new" Kodak is pretty much saying the same thing the "old" Kodak has for years. Instead of promoting the use of film, with all the millions of analog cameras out there, with the resurgence (while maybe not a tidal wave) of interest in film photography, we have the new guys saying, 'Oh gee...film is a mature product, so don't expect anything new from us.
I really cannot begin to fathom what people are expecting from them, annual runs of Kodachrome in ULF?

Come ON people, when they say nothing new they mean new film, not marketing. Of course they will market film, they can now and it will help to turn a profit.....you do want them to turn a profit, right? This is just incredible to me, the lineup they have right this moment is truly some of the best film they have ever made and the quality is near mil-spec for pete's sake and yet all people can do is complain, what a truly sad state of commentary.

I am 100% in support of what ever they need to do in order to keep the current lineup and not make films like TMX and TMY in 4x5 $200+ a box, which I would still pay by the way.

You guys have got to start waking up, this is 2013 and Kodak film has emerged from bankruptcy, it could have been far, far worse folks.