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Sorry to sound cynical but, with no debt and a fresh start, they have the name recognition and a perfect opportunity to do great things. I guess I was expecting too much.
Yes I think so. It is unrealistic to expect that previously discontinued emulsions are going to reappear and even those that are currently available will only remain so as long as there is demand. It is also unrealistic to expect that Alaris are going to develop and release any new emulsions - they may re-badge some and market them as new but Kodak and Fuji have been doing that for years anyway.

This business arrangement at best stops the supply of Kodak film being cut off suddenly in one fell swoop rather than after a more graceful decline. Sales of colour film in particular will continue to fall away - black & white could last forever and colour paper probably has quite a few years left in it yet. Whether Alaris would be interested in keeping the remaining few Kodak B&W films after colour goes is a moot point and probably depends on the capacity of the Rochester factory to continue their manufacture.

You can bet, though, that Alaris will be the last player standing in colour paper because they own the factory that makes it and it's potential sales volume is not dependant on analog photography. OzJohn