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Waaaa,,,,, for $20??? Wow. It would look much better sitting next to mine;-)

Too bad about the Wien cell. I gave up on my Ftn and sent it to a guy in North Seattle for a converson and calibration for silver cells. Of course it cost almost the same as an F body did back in the day. Tickled pink with the conversion and service.

Nikon-John,,, or Ftn-John? Anyway, on here somewhere gave me the address. Great service,,, cranky guy (not john) ;-) Not sure if he can do the same conversion on a N'Mat.
That would be John_Nikon_F. Close.

Anyway, shop's name is Camera Clinic. 206-367-2440. Guy's name is Doug. Not really cranky, but an inveterate smartass. Conversion is $59 on an FT or FTn 'mat. Involves installing a shottky diode. Once that is done, you can run the fairly common V 625 U batteries. Or, with a spacer, a V76PX...

I think, that if I go back to using a 'mat, I'll stick to FT2's and FT3's... They're already converted, and have some other upgrades as well.