Selling for a friend. He bought the kit new in 1989 for a tad over $2K. I have the sales receipt. It obviously has seen very little use.

Asking $500 plus shipping.

Kit includes:

SQ-A body, prism finder, winder grip, 80mm, 50mm, 150mm lenses, 2-120 backs and 1-220 back. All are in very good to excellent working condition. I put a fresh battery in the camera and tried all the lenses. Shutters trip at all speeds. Instruction manual, all lens caps, and a lens-hood included.

Also comes with a Polaroid back and an open box of Polapan Pro 100 film (Exp - 1995). Box contains 2-10 shot packs, one open, one sealed.
Also includes a beattie Intenscreen. Not sure if the screen is installed in the camera or not, as there is a screen in the box.

If I had the disposable cash I'd buy it off him