This is a sensitive topic for me and I thought I will share what I think even if many people have already said something very similar and I agree completely with them. I cannot have a strong opinion whether film will eventually dye as a product or not, I can only definitely hope not. But when I started photography I used a digital camera for a long time and become involved into it. In some point I decided to try film. I have never used my digital camera again since I saw the results of my first roll, which was even badly underexposed and the look of film was such an unbelievable discovery for me. The analog response to light is so human and natural I am now heartly passionate about photography. The only question I keep asking myself is how in the world people liked and bought digital cameras when they were invented if the only thing they knew was film? But market and economy, convenience, immediate achievement always pop up as reasonable reasons. It may be true, but they are not reasonable for me. In the end I see it as a matter of value. For me the quality and feel of an image is of great value and it just doesn' t make sense to compromise on it.