UPDATED LIST - 25/09/13

Good news: Barry has returned from his sojourn to the Isle of Lewis and has signed up for three nights at the Riverside. Martin has also made his Riverside booking. So these two bookings bring us to a very healthy seven staying at the hotel If we carry on at this rate we shall soon have the Riverside completely booked out!

As at 25/09/13

Neil - three nights at the Riverside
Stoo - three nights at the Riverside
Bob - three nights at the Riverside
Paul BJE - three nights at the Riverside
David Lingham - two nights at the Riverside (24th /25th)
Martin - three nights at the Riverside
Barry - three nights at the Riverside

Rob is a possible

Eddie (Edbray) who lives locally will come along sometime on the Sunday.

Keith Tapscott who lives locally will come along sometime.

I am sure there are many more locals who could come out for a day or two - or just for a few hours - so why not come along and join us - you will be made most welcome and will be with like-minded photographers.

For those who have not been to the Riverside before you will be pleased to know they have a large free car park. So don't hold back on the amount of gear you bring as you will not have far to carry it to your hotel bedroom!

Also can I remind those staying at the Riverside, as well as those staying on in the evening, to bring along some work for our print sharing session. The print sharing session is usually held on the Saturday evening before dinner and sometimes afterwards as well. Although this is not set in stone because it will all depend on what we are doing and the weather - impromptu print sharing sessions can also happen at any convenient time over the weekend. So come prepared

I will be giving out further updates on the weekend as and when they happen, or are needed, so keep an eye on this thread.

If you have any queries / questions please raise them here or send me a PM.