Hello all- today I finally was able to buy my first Rolleiflex. I have been coveting this camera for years but could never quite afford it... Which isn't exactly true because I've bought other cameras that are far more expensive but I just couldn't risk it with TLR. I bought a 2.8E Plannar from KEH in BGN condition which showed up in what I would call near Mint... and Im smitten...but I have a question.

Rolleiflex 2.8Fs are upward $2k USD ... and it seems when I do a Flickr search, THIS is the camera everyone has. I ADORE the the look of the lens..and I can pick a shot done by this camera out of line up nearly every time ..theres just something magical about the DOF, and contrast..I dont understand it but I do know that I love it.

So I bought a 2.8E and its perfect, but is there any difference in the images froma clean 2.8E verses a 2.8F? I dont care about anything else but the look.. are both plannars created equal?

Thanks everyone!