More books for sale. I’m cleaning out the basement. Maybe making room for more toys!

Prices do not include shipping or PayPal.

Advanced Photography, M. J. Langford, Focal Press (London) 1980 $3

Otto Focus, The Flash in the Darkroom, John Kubilis – a small paperback $1
cartoons published in the Journal of the Photographic Society of America

Journal of Creative Photography, Marion Brown – this is series of 5 12-page $2
pamphlets published in 1980. Some workshops are listed.

Piercing Illusions and Beauty of Darkness – two books by Connie Imboden $10
Connie photographs nudes in water (her swimming pool with a black
bottom). Most images are reflections with very unusual angles. One book
is a large hardback.

Imogen! Imogen Cunningham Photographs 1910 – 1973, Margery Mann $5

Light on America, Photographs by Jay Maisel, 1986 7

High Contrast Images, Elinor Stecker, 1982 – Petersen’s Photography $3
and HP Books

Darkroom Magic, Otto Litzel, 1967 $3

Thanks for looking