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It appears it is the same guy, and he just joined today.
Is it a guy? He/she posted the same question twice within a minute at 7:30pm but the second post appears to have been removed. It was clear that a number of APUGers weren't clear as to what he/she was referring. His/her last activity I noted was almost 8:00pm and yet he/she didn't attempt to clarify his question which, given he/she has just joined seemed a strange introduction to APUG.

I suppose the same question twice might have just been a mistake. Pity that his/her nom de plume is "nag" which might just be a coincidence as well. However if he/she is serious about his/her intentions in joining a photographic forum I do hope he/she will try and clarify what he/she means by silver coated paper plates and what prompted this as his/her first post rather than a more pertinent one.

Call me cynical but I cannot help feeling we may have been "taken for a ride" just to see what reactions the question creates. Isn't this the kind of thing psychology students do to investigate "subjects'" reactions