Hey guys,

I just wanted to give you a quick synopsis of what happened at the art camp, and Im so sorry for taking this long to get back with you guys. You all were unbelievably helpful. The week was really stressful and long, but it the end it was a learning experience for everyone. In short,( as part of the pinhole section) we had the kids pose for the pinhole shots, while myself and the director exposed the paper in the cameras. They had tons of fun staying still for about 30 seconds, according to the lighting (which we conquered the hard way as we went). As far as in the darkroom goes, each group was taken in, explained the process as best as i could so that they could understand it in 2-3 minutes, and then they each helped out. Some held timers, some shook chemical trays(with gloves), and turned safe lights and contact lights on. They had a blast, most were really excited to see themselves start to appear in the picture and to be in such an atmosphere. Let me just say, after that week, I never want to smell fixer or vinegar again! I think I am still suffocating from the fumes I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of hours in that room, and I sincerely hope it was worth it. In the end, we got some really awesome shots and a TON of bad ones( for one group I think we took their picture at least 4 times ). Thanks to those who supported the camp by advice and actual materials, its dearly appreciated. The kids also enjoyed the section on lumen prints we did, it was a neat experience that produced some great works of art.

Most thankful,

Michael Griffith