You may also want to consider one of the Barnack copies from Canon. My IVSB is only a few mm taller than my Leica IIIF, but I prefer the finder arrangement as it has a combined VF/RF with switchable magnification for 50, 100 and 135 mm lenses. The finder on the Canon is a bit dimmer, but the RF accuracy is very good. The build quality feels just as solid as my IIIF, but it's about 50g heavier, if that's a major concern for you. With a collapsible 50 it's a nice compact package.

I recently had a CLA and curtain replacement by Youxin Ye, and he said he considers these Canons just as well-built and reliable as the Leicas. As a shooter, you may want to avoid bodies earlier than 1949, when the IIB came out, but in 1954 Canon greatly improved the VF with the IVSB2, followed by the IIS2, IID2 and IIF2. Cameraquest has some information on these at and the Canon Camera Museum also has a listing of all models at

Good Luck!