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Sam Jones (http://samjonespictures.com/), for instance, is one of my absolute favorite commercial photographers working today..
Interesting that I have seen his work, and it is perfectly fine. But I have favorites right here, illumiquest just today posted a striking portrait of a barkeep that moves me more. But not to detract from your point, I want to add.

I appreciate the backstories. When a photographer knows the subject personally and a reflection of this fact is tangible in the photograph... Then I am moved. I can only truly verify this in my own portraits that I have taken of people who I know. But what I see in this work of mine, I occasionally see in the work of others. I am always pleased to see work by a subscriber here regularly photographs his reluctant son... You can sense there is a genuine connection in his portraits. (I thought his username was Bilog, but no, memory fails)...