I've read a lot of threads on here covering developing 8x10 films in Jobo 2830 drums.

To that end I've taken the plunge and picked up an ATL 1500 & a couple of 2830 drums.

While I'm waiting for the processor to arrive I've been scrabbling aorund trying to find some basic info, I'm hoping that you kind souls might take pity on me and offer up some help. I've read the ATL manual and can't find the info I'm looking for in there either:

1) Can I do a pre-wash as an integral part of the 1500's C-41 or E6 process? I want to minimise the chance of any residual AH due to the 2830 ridges. Should I just manually do the pre-wash in tank before inserting it into the processor? Should the pre-wash be at process temperature, or does it not matter?

2) How much chemistry is needed for 2 8x10's in a 2830, the drum only lists print process volumes? I'm happy to err on the side of caution to begin with, but have no idea what that equates to in volumes.

3) Can the processor be configured to use bottles 1-3 for one chemistry and 4-6 for another (I'll be using tetenal kits), or do I just swap the bottles over. I'm only thinking about this as a means of minimizing contamination between the kits. Or do I just forget this and use the wash cycles between all processes?

Many Thanks.