As I wrote in the other thread, there are many choices when in comes to Petzval design lenses. After all, it was a successful formula for image making and was copied, modified and re-modified many, many times over the last 150 years. Check here for more information on Petzval lens makers. The website is the work of an APUG member, Dan Colucci, who is also publishing a major article about Petzvals in the upcoming PHSNE Journal. He really is the most knowledgeable person I know on the subject.

Buying known-name antique lenses (Darlot, Voigtlander, etc.) can be an expensive proposition. Many of the no-name brass lenses of the early 20th century, say the run-of-the-mill projection lens (no slot cut for Waterhouse stops) will be cheaper. 5"-6" versions are common (the method of measurement most common on these is back-focus, the distance between the rear element and the film plane), and they can be had for far less money if you are patient. Recently, however, I've seen the lenses I picked up for $25 a few years ago bringing many hundreds of dollars on that auction site. Camera shows are a good place to find these lenses, but I'm not sure how many shows there are in NS.

If you do go on to buy a press camera to more easily experiment with barrel lenses, buy a Speed Graphic, not a Crown. While Crown Graphics may be cheaper and they are certainly a bit lighter, they leave the question of the shutter un-answered. An older Speed will provide you with more flexibility in lens choice and can always be refitted with a Graflok back, to more easily mount roll film holders.