Hello all,

I have a Canon Rebel K2 that I've used for about 5 years which was an amazing $14 deal, but I've always been plagued with the crummy viewfinder on it:


Is there anything out there that can magnify the viewfinder's image and is actually practical? I do a lot of street photography, so intuitive is important. I've only seen one item made by SeaGull that looks like a big loupe sitting sideways on the viewfinder.

It's come to the point where I'm at a crossroads, the K2 is probably one of my favorite 35mm SLRs because of everything it can do, but this viewfinder problem is "tearing me apart lisa!" (reference from The Room)

I would love to use an older style metal SLR, and have owned many, but you can't rent the lenses anywhere and there isn't any Auto Focus.

Any tips on magnifying the viewfinder would be greatly appreciated!