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But it is linked to the exposure settings, right? In my mind that's the definition of a "coupled" meter. I'm just going on specs, though---my 'flex is well before the built-in meters came in.

After doing a little research, you are correct. Changing aperture or shutter speed will move the second pointer on the meter dial. On the E, you set the ASA, turn a dial until the meter indicator arms line up, then read an EV number of sorts (not sure if they're a Rollei invention or if they match standard EV numbers), then transfer that to the shutter/aperture settings. And you have to select the high or low range for the meter. The F's meter is far more sophisticated. I got confused because the meter housing on the focusing knob looks the same on the E and the F. On the GX and later models, they moved the meter reading inside the viewing hood and off of the focusing knob.