Dear Archimedes The Dog,

Firstly you do not state what date the film expires ?

If its in date it should be fine, if its out of date it should also be fine provided it has been stored in normal conditions ( a cool dark place not exceeding 20 degrees ) or has not been exposed to higher temperatures or humidity for excessive periods of time.

You mention DELTA 3200 ( keeps poorly ) no it does not, it is incredibly stable, its a CCG ( Controlled Crystal Growth ) type emulsion, although faster films do tend to deteriorate quicker than slower films DELTA 3200 has a very stable profile : All emulsions from KODAK / FUJI and ILFORD are incredibly stable prior to exposure, they have to be pretty abused to show deterioration before the expirey date on the film.

PAN F + Latent image performance, PAN F + is a conventional emulsion and latent image stability is a factor with ALL films : See our full product information sheet on PAN F + on our website, ALL films ( and papers come to that ) should be processed promptly after exposure and PAN F + no longer than 3 months from the date it was exposed.

Storing EXPOSED Films in controlled conditions.

After exposing films they should be stored in the same way as unexposed films in a cool, dry environment not exceeding 20 Degrees.

Whilst refrigerating or freezing UNexposed films will certainly help extend their life and performance ( providing they are protected from frost / moisture etc - lots of threads re this on APUG ) refridgerating or freezing post exposure I would not recommend, although it probably would not do them any harm as long as you allowed 24 hours for them to regulate and get up to room temperature before processing them.

Its far better to have a protocol or discipline that you process films promptly after exposure.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology limited.