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With the Varicon head (double condenser) I suspect not, but with a Dichromat (diffusion) 'maybe'. The other problem you may find is the distance between the lens and the column being too small to fit the easel in the position you need. I recall that the attachments between the head & stage and the column were also available in slightly different lengths, depending on expected use, so that is another variable. Nowadays I only have a 203 with a Varicon so can't check the results directly. Please let us know how it goes.
Having been down to the dark today to check and the answer is it does cover. Was surprised and looks like a RRBeard 20x30" easel would fit on the baseboard too. Full frame 35mm would print up to 23x34.5". Luckily there is another 504 next to it to help fitting the easel. Didn't actually print anything as was just checking so can't be sure the coverage is perfect. I'm far too used to a 50mm and a drop baseboard.

However, for various reasons, especially how it fits with other prints in the exhibition I'm working on for the client, I may have to produce the the print a different way and that may involve pixels combined with silver gelatin so maybe it's best to finish this thread!!