Why is it overkill? View camera aren't only about more square inches of film per shot, but about a whole different way of looking at things.
They slow you down, make you think, improve consciousness of the borders and composition, esp when it's upside-down. The equipment itself
makes you feel like a photographer, whether you have the native instinct for imaging or not, not like just another cellphone machine-gunner.
One starts understanding that results are often unrelated to mere technological convenience. And the rig might not cost any more than some
stupid Smartphone that won't be considered cool a year from the time of purchase. People buy old cars or classic motorcycles and spend tens of thousand of dollars fixing them up. You don't have to be professional race car driver to do that! People will spend thousand of dollars
on an antique piece of furniture just because they want to. What's the difference? .... Of course, when someone asks why I still use an
"antique" big camera like my 8x10, I politely inform that that antiques aren't make out of epoxy composites and have titanium, aircraft aluminum, and delrin fittings. It merely looks antique.