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LF is overkill for the modest ambition of most hobbyists, yet so many take the plunge, with the excuse that - "for this much I could get this instead, which is better than this" - which is investment talk. It doesn't say anything for your reasoning to actually make pictures with the thing. There's entitlement and ego at play too - we believe we deserve the absolute best we can get, even though our talent as image makers might not warrant large format presentation.

The reality is, digital cameras offer more than enough punch for the photographic ability of everyone on this forum. Very few here are artists, so I never buy the colour rendition/tonality argument. I shoot film because I'm stubborn and partly believe that it inherently makes my pictures better. That might make people uncomfortable, but probably because it's just as true for themselves.
That's a pretty elitist point-of-view. You're over-thinking things again, I fear...