I agree completely, Shawn

The difference for me is that I dislike working in communal darkrooms, and I dislike working on a workstation in a computer lab, or in an office cubicle environment.

The importance of environment in my creative process is more towards my surroundings being geared for the kind of work I'm doing. Good daylight, work up on the walls, a good cup of coffee or a cold beer and fresh air...no fluorescent lights...a comfortable chair. I know there are certain prints I can make only in the darkroom (anything dealing with toning and bleach...which I use quite a lot), and I know there are prints I would only use a digital output for (anything color...among other certain b/w purposes.)

I don't think one is inherently better than the other, that's all. Different, sure, but used in tandem effectively are capable of just about anything you might want.

There's never in any harm in being well-versed with as many different ways to realize your work as possible... is there?