The Hy6 Mod2 has been stealing all the attention, but at $10,495 for camera, lens and film back this is out of reach for many. The good news is that the 6008 Integral2 can produce the same excellent image quality thanks to the same lens set, and now a similar kit with a Schneider f/2.8 Xenotar lens can be had for just 1/3 the cost! Plus there are a few things the integral can do that the Hy6 can't, like shoot fuji instant pack film with the optional polaroid back, for one. The grip arm is removable, there is a 2nd shutter releas button on the bottom, you can use a foot switch, and well it has all the advantages of the Rollei's over other makes. Built in film winder, integrated dark slides in the film backs, 1/3 stop shutter and aperture adjustments, different metering modes and program modes, and many more features.

The 6008 integral 2 kits will now be $3495 until the end of November or until we run out - there are 10 kits available at this price. This is a good deal!

Kit includes:
  • 6008 Integral 2 body with WLF
  • 80mm f/2.8 Schneider Xenotar PQS lens (a $2192 value!)
  • Film Back and Insert
  • Grip Arm with leather strap
  • Battery (new Nimh type) with Charger
  • Neck Strap

Link to the item in the Rolleiflex store:

Contact Eric at with any questions you may have.