Oh man, i found places in Tokyo that will blow your mind. There are camera dealers in what look like normal apartment blocks, off the street with no street view shop window. Row upon row, cabinet upon cabinet of every film camera you have ever seen, every accessory or lens you could ever imagine.

I bumped into a guy (Dave) in the Leica store in Ginza (the guy who runs the shoottokyo blog) - he took me to camera shops on Harumi Dori in Ginza that will leave you peeing in your pants. Look him up, he's a nice guy and ask him for some directions. I bought by Leica M7 there.

Otherwise go to BIC Camera in Ikebukoro, it'll also blow your mind. There is still a lot of film equipment to be had (new mamiya's, all manner of lenses and filter systems) - basically anything you could ever want AND MORE.