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Are you Leica LTM users (IIIf/IIIc/etc.) comfortable using your Leica's without an auxillary viewfinder?

I love my M3 and my DR Cron but this combination isn't really THAT compact and so I'm debating on trying a IIIf/IIIc with a collapsible Summicron (or Summitar) or maybe just getting a collapsible and sticking it on my M. My concern with the IIIf/IIIc is that the viewfinder is too poor and sticking an auxiliary viewfinder will be self defeating.

I'm not interested in much anything else.
-IIIg's seem to be bulkier and more expensive than IIIc/IIIf's...I might as well stay with an M
-CL's and most things more modern (e.g. Bessa) seem to not be as durable.
-I don't like most P&S's because I want to be able to focus and I prefer all-mechanical bodies anyways.

I have a Rollei 35 and a Kodak Retina but I can't focus accurately enough with the former and the later isn't that ergonomic.
Hi there,
Leica equipment is always expensive
But always XXL quality
My IIIg is exactly same measures and weight as my IIb, but the IIIg finder is far better!
My M3 is bulkier than the IIIg.
I have a collapsible Elmar f2.8 5cm on the IIIg a lens that is slightly softer than Summicron but still a remarkable lens. Together, body and lens are of the size I can carry in a pocket.