Interesting thread.
Below is the Speed with the Pentax 6x7 1:3.5 55mm adapted, for the RH/8 rollfilm holder.
The whole thing weighs 8 pound ~4kg.
I have to make a framing viewfinder for the 55mm, it won't need a rangefinder.

Last weekend at outdoor function I took a roll of Fuji 160 using the home-built 6x7 with the Pentax 90 mm ls
Not processed yet. The home built is my favorite (of course) and I will be using it out and about tomorrow

At that function was the old friend who has given me his 1936 Nettar folder ( 6x9 and 105mm). I have Ektar in it.
I asked him to take some with it, he took one photo, folded it up and continued using his point & shoot!

I have just purchased a Century Graphic 2x3 with Graftar 103/4.5 and the RH/10, should arrive soon.
And on the way is an original flash for it.
The advantage of this camera over the above ones is that it finally gives me a rangefinder on a lens standard for 6x7.
So the first job will be checking the rangefinder on its gg and a test roll.