Some of you seem to be unaware that inflation is a fact of life if someone is going to stay in business. Constant film wars, with broad lines of
redundant products, kept popular film pricing artificially low at one time. All kinds of raw materials have gone up since then, and eventually
manufacturers have to retool and modernize their equipment. Those manufacturers who didn't have that kind of profit reserve are now gone,
and we lost a lot of good films and papers. Do I like spending $150 for ten sheets of 8x10 color film, plus the cost of processing. No. But I'd
rather take one good shot with an ideal film for my purposes than twenty so-so ones. When funds run low, I switch to 4x5, or simply shoot
black and white more often, or maybe film a deal on film pricing somewhere. Just how many damn shots do you need anyway. I figure I have
time only to print a small percentage of what I take. Kodak films are absolutely top-notch, and so are Ilford's. But I have little patience for