Hey everyone- Does anyone have a recommendation for a point and shoot that I could use as a replacement for polaroids to test lighting and flash? I shoot both with a Pentax 67 and a Rolleiflex, and neither has a pola back. I also have a Bronica SQ that has a back, but I dont want to haul around another full system just to check lighting. I had a x100s but I sold it to fund my rolleiflex, and now I realize I dont have anything to check my flash... heres what Im looking for

- Not expensive (sub $300 maybe?)
- manual control (at least down to F4 if possible)
- flash hot shoe ..and ability to sync at maybe at least 200? ish..

I know its a stretch, but maybe thers something out there... I use off camera strobes even with film, and while Im super comfortable metering... Im still retraining myself with film...