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A good way to see images shot on a particular film is to search that film on Flickr.
I do not agree. People do all sorts of untold editing to their negative scans (if they have indeed scanned the negative) or print scans, or whatever. I think if someone were to use my website to base their opinion of what FP4+ in 6x6 should look like...they would have an aneurysm.

Bad scanning technique makes grain look mushy, or invisible, bad processing (both chemical and digital) results in whacked out contrast or muddy tones, and who knows if they even exposed the film "correctly" in the first place. I've seen TMY-2 scans that made Delta 3200 look like TMX.

The best way to see images shot on a particular film is to buy a roll, shoot half the roll in the morning and the other half in the late afternoon at box speed and develop it in whatever developer you are most consistent with.

For all it's worth, I doubt I could tell you if a print was made from a Tri-X neg, an HP5+ neg, a Fomapan 400 neg, or a Kentmere 400 neg if they were all devved in the same chemicals.