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Yeah, John. But jeez... It's only been three days. You guys in Duvall. You know your time is coming again. Can you say Lake Snoqualmie River?

I had a job a few years back on Snoqualmie Ridge up past the falls. Commuted daily from Monroe. It was three years of tap dancing with floods and snowstorms on Hwy 203 to Fall City, then up the hill past the falls to the ridge.

In 2009 I was headed home and was the final vehicle allowed to pass before they shut down the highway. By the time I got to the Tolt River in Carnation the water was flowing 3-inches deep over the road, and I was doing exactly what they warn drivers not to do in a flood. With those embankment drop-offs on both sides of the road, I could barely see the painted lines. It was like driving across a lake. I kept thinking I would miss a turn, plunge off the edge, flip over, and drown.

That was the same series of storms where this happened...

I love the Pacific Northwest weather. It's so... Darwinian.

lol, Ken, it's Lake Duvall... ;-) I still remember the last time Duvall became an island... Woodinville-Duvall Road got damaged that time. Which happens to be the same storm you're talking about.

Anyway, there's going to be an emergency training drill in Carnation at the Tolt-MacDonald park. Ralph Javins will be there, showing off a self-contained HAM radio setup. You're welcome to swing by, if you'd like. I'll be there as well, with a Domke F-2 bag full of gear. Event will occur at the barn, so it won't be wet inside. It's an all-day event. I will probably be there from 10 am until about noon, at which time I'll be headed off to visit Doug about a finder for the F.