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HOLY CRAP this is really good... umm ... I shouldn't even bother submitting now...
Thanks Stone! I hope you do though!

I was intentionally overdoing the pinhole features... so to me it's almost a caricature of a pinhole photo and a bit gimmicky. Though it was definitely fun to make. Instant film pinhole is very fun.

I've got three other traditional b/w film shots so far to develop and print and if any come out well I'm hoping to submit another MSA.

This has been really fun, it's almost like having a "background theme" for a couple months. I usually have a couple themes running through my photos at any particular time, but this one has been great because it got me out to do something I normally wouldn't try. It has been very interesting to pay attention to the shadows and light in the middle of the day. Also the air looking toward the horizon has a different character at noon and even if I don't catch it for MSA I'll be aware of it from now on.