There's an official Leica shop in the Raffles Hotel building, not sure if they sell film. It's more of a museum IMHO as obviously everything there is new and made of unobtanium! There was an interesting print display there when I was there about a month ago so it's worth checking out if you visit Raffles at all.

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I live in Singapore and have been here since '98. TheFlyingCamera's recommendations for film are spot on. Ruby for Ilford, Cathay Photo Kodak & Fuji, Konata (same building) Fuji film...
Are there any second hand camera sellers in Singapore or is the humidity too much and the attrition rate simply too high for lenses to last? I asked several shop keepers about second hand camera stores when I was there recently and didn't get any useful advice so I'd be interested to hear from some one who lives there.