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My father has related to me on numerous occasions that when he entered RIT's photography program in the early 1970s that every student was told to put their 35mm cameras away for the first year and that they were to build their own 4x5 cameras. From scratch.

The progression he said, was inverse. Instead of slowly becoming more and more concise through format progression, they were forced to contend with the issues of large format first and foremost, and then had to bend each subsequent format to their will afterwards.

He ceased using large format almost entirely after that first year...very occasionally using a crown graphic...but 99.9% of his work was in 35mm and various medium formats from that point forward.
I'm sort of like your dad, only it took me a couple of years to get into LF.
When I finally got there, I was excited. After a few years of trying, convincing myself it was the ultimate, I just couldn't go on. Not that the prints were not nice. I just wasn't taking the pictures I wanted to take, because I couldn't. So why struggle with something you don't even enjoy?!
So I got back to Hasselblad and 35mm again, and with the first roll I was very happy again.

There is no 'best format'. Only what we enjoy to work with. I'd much rather be limited by format than my brain.