Because disregard the rules and jumping over to a digital forum when this is advice for a film camera, and medium format to boot.

Hybrid shooter here, I have a Mamiya 645 1000s I've been using and I lug around my Canon 5d usually anyway to shoot digital. I would advise finding an old Digital Rebel / 300d, you can find them for 100 bucks now, and they have a max ap. on the kit lens of 3.5 on the wide end and 5.6 on the tele. Image quality isn't too bad but the preview screen is small, you could try a Rebel XTi / 400d which has a larger screen that I also use for this purpose. Even then, especially if you are in a studio, you could download the images off the camera with a card reader and check them on a much bigger computer screen.

Compacts....I would avoid when you can get a 300d that cheap, typically they have a little better dynamic range than a compact.