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Are there any second hand camera sellers in Singapore or is the humidity too much and the attrition rate simply too high for lenses to last? I asked several shop keepers about second hand camera stores when I was there recently and didn't get any useful advice so I'd be interested to hear from some one who lives there.
There are a few 2nd camera shops around; the good thing is that a lot are all in the same area. As mentioned earlier the City Hall (MRT) area is probably your best stop. Peninsula Plaza has Cathay Photo (Ground Floor). They operate across 3 or 4 shops all next to and adjacent each other. Between them there are a couple of 2nd hand camera stores. Ruby Photo is across the road (Coleman Rd) in Peninsula Shopping Centre (also ground floor); there are a couple of more 2nd hand camera stores here as well (same level). However, I have never bought 2nd hand here (EVER) as the pricing are not reflective of a global market. I have always been able to get better pricing on ebay or from KEH. There's not necessarily anything problematic with their condition of equipment here but the market is small so choice is not large and price is just non-competitive. Its probably worth having a look but ensure you know your pricing before hand...

Mentioning the Leica store at Raffles Hotel, I think you might be right (its also a 2 min walk from City Hall MRT station so all in the same vicinity). Im a Leica shooter and I've never been there. Its just one of those now standard Black and Red Leica decor environments that merely hype up the name - a bit like a Prada handbag shop. And, no they don't sell film