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Why would someone not just use 5x4 film, and crop it to the size? If you only had a 6x9 enlarger etc I could understand it....

What am I missing?
The ability not to compromise. I'm with you – don't be swayed by the gearheads. For me, those roll backs are an unnecessary luxury to carry with you, in terms of weight (I'll not regale you with Drew-ish tales), function and price. Movements are much less of an issue with the increased DOF of MF systems, with the possible exception of shooting architecture, so using roll film in LF may not get you very far in that regard. Better to take advantage of the finer lenses available with some MF. Yes, color films may be an issue of cost, but if working primarily in B/W, I've never seen much point to the extra hassle of roll film backs, and the inexact complexity of applying the Zone System to multiple frame development. And it is in the fine tuning one's negatives that sheet films coherently shine. Crop, I say – damn it! (IMO, ).