Hello to APUG community!
I am a relatively new photographer or better a photo enthusiast. My name is George and I am from Greece.

My last purchase was a Bronica S2A. It arrived at a decent condition. I had to clean it and make some tests first.
The only problem is the most know for S2As: deterioration of foam on the focusing screen. It was cleaned and replaced, now the focusing screen is very stable.

The Nikkor 75mm it came with seems to be in a great condition. Clean and working well. Took some testing shots with it. They seem to be great, there are so light leaks, that was my fear. But the light seals on the back look like they want to be replaced. I've looked on ebay and found in several sizes, which one to pick?

Another common issue is the focusing screen. It's quite dark. I've checked the web and many users replace their screens with Kiev 88 screens. Should i do the same? Will there be any focusing problem?

Searching for accessories like extra film backs or lenses, I have difficulty finding them. Is that because there are no longer available for sale (used)? Also, only S2A backs and lenses will fit my camera? or other Bronica backs and lenses will work? (like SQ-A, ETRS etc)

I am really concerned about the mirror slap. Can that affect the image sharpness? I know all the vibration is done after the exposure but performing the coin test, that does not seems to be right for me.

As I read on the web, there are some shutter speeds that produce great results and some others that should be avoided. What would be the optimum shutter speeds for tripod use?

Thank you for your help ,