Good morning;

First, I was able to watch as John Nikon F acquired his latest chrome Nikon F without a finder, although there was discussion of a viewfinder to be located later. We were very close to the hour for the shop to close at that time.

And now for my confession: I do not really know what I have. Honest. Yesterday there were handed to me two (2) cardboard boxes with about half a dozen 35mm film camera bodies, and somewhere around 35 or so lenses in various mounts, types, brands, configurations, sizes, and condition. Some of them might even work. I don't know. I have not yet had a chance to see what is in there. This was one of those "get these out of here for me" type of deals.

It is a terrible thing to become known as someone who likes old cameras. You get offered all kinds of things. I may need to add onto the house for storage.