So, below is a link to a really interesting talk about work and motivation, the specific corollary to photography that got my attention starts at about 12:50, for those that want to go directly to the thought.

The two thoughts that stand out for me in the next few minutes of the video are 1- that added effort adds value for us, 2- that of our own work, we are not necessarily great judges of how they fit in the world. That doesn't always matter, for example I can be very happy with a print because I had some minor success or leap forward in my craftwork, but my wife may be (read that as "is regularly") unimpressed when I show it off to her.

When I work on my own I regularly do the typical "photographer thing" and judge it on the details of the craftwork.

When I show others, people who will be straight with me or don't know they are mine, my work gets judged almost exclusively on content.

It may seem obvious, but it is a tough lesson to apply when we have a lot of work in something.