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This is probably going to be my next quest once I've got the hang of the machine, I'm not having much look in finding bulk chemistry here in the UK, almost everywhere still in the game is just hawking the 1L or 5L kits.

The main use of the atl will be for c41 120, probably a couple hundred rolls per year (or more), so buying bulk is rather appealing.

In the UK you have tenetal 5L 2 bath c-41, and 3 bath E-6, those are some of the best and easiest to use materials out there, and in most cases can be used as one shot for safety's sake, without sacrificing capacity of the kit (easy to save just the blix and re use, though its harder to find just the developer).

We sell a 5L and 10 L c-41 3 bath kit, but the shipping cost overseas is prohibitive. Tenetal is your best bet.